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Why we do it

Curious collaborations

We believe in an inclusive world built on trust and innovation through collaboration. Constant change is a part of everyday for everyone and the only way to keep the pace is to work cross-functionally. We are an innovation management agency with world class tools and processes. Together we build that which turns the next coffee machine idea to the next big revenue stream. What's needed when the best-practice is test-practice. 

What we do

Innovation capability

Build the capability necessary to flourish in a constantly changing world.



Realize the full benefits of the digital revolution and your digital solutions.

What we do
Innovtion capability

Innovation capability

We are happy to be your partner for building innovation capability. Here to help you with knowledge transfer for all aspects of building innovation capability. We are experienced in strategic, tactical and operational aspects of innovation management and have applied our skills in both the private and public sector concerning local, national and international issues. We have a strong network of partners that each at an international level are leading experts within Innovation Management. Our methods and those of our partners are adapted to your needs and situation while staying fully aligned to the international ISO standards series 56000 on Innovation Management. We are deeply engaged in the Swedish and international Innovation Management community through our partners and engagements in SIS, Innovationsledarna, ISPIM and ISO.
Build your innovation capability

Fun with L'Année de l'Innovation. Together we simulate building innovation capability. Complemented by an assessment of your capabilty for systematic innovation management we find your way to build innovation capability.

Innovation strategy

Set the first strategy for your innovation work. Together we craft a strategy tailored to take you where you want to go. Informed by your ecosystem and internal capabilities. We leverage the Celsio platform to guide you through the strategy creation process.


Quickly generate approaches to tackle strategic challenges and prototype them.

Together we also structure the prior work and the post-hackaton phase to enable adoption in the organization.

Systematic Innovation Management 

Develop your in-house innovation management & leadership talent with a blended-learning training plan leveraging the Amplify training programme


We are happy to be your partner for digitalization efforts. Curiosity and collaboration is core to our business as well as our methods. Together we establish an overview of your situation and needs as a starting point for our efforts. We have extensive experience in moving between the boundaries of the human needs of the core organisation, IT-organizations and suppliers.
System management

We help you take care of your systems. Managing the contact with suppliers, ensuring upgrades are made. Making sure your desired value is created and that the users' needs are met.

Development and automation

Automate parts of the work that is currently done manually.

Strategy & policy

We help you establish the current situation and determine a direction for your digitalization efforts. We find low-hanging fruits and areas for improvement.


We help you secure the IT experience when doing various changes in your organization or ways of working.

Value maximization

We help you review existing agreements and, together with suppliers and your organization, maximize the value. Or create the basis for new procurements.




Curiosity is what drives us forward in life. The want to and joy in understanding your colleagues, partners and customers.


Collaboration is the way we make awesome change happen. It is with great passion that we see to it people grow, together.



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