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From curiosity

to value created

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We work for an an inclusive world built by mutual trust and innovation through collaboration. Constant change is upon us and the only way to match its speed is to truly work cross-functional. We help you implement processes to turn that coffee break idea to the next big revenue stream. Processes that kick in when the
best-practice is test-practice. 

Curious Collaborations

What we do

curlabs logotype

From curiosity

to value created

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Curious Collaborations

We work for an inclusive world built by mutual trust and innovation through collaboration.
 Constant change is upon us and the only way to match its speed is to truly work cross-functional. We are an innovation management agency with world class tools and processes. Together we build that which turns that coffee break idea to the next big revenue stream. That which is needed when the best-practice is test-practice. 

What we do


Practical advice for how to make your organisation more cross-functional and innovative.

Digititalize your
innovation work

We train and coach your organization in innovative methods and onboard you in the digital tool Wide Ideas.


Together with our network and yours, we build an innovation management system to for you to win the future

What you get


Double digit eNPS increase.

98% of participants have fun.

New talents are discovered and vacancies filled.

Automatic employee development.


80% build trust with new people.

New X-funtional connections are created.

Strategy buy in from participants.

Faster internal processes.


20% of teams create successful innovations.

Value creation from $K to $M.

Prototypes within products, services and processes.

Validated with real users.


Take your organisation into the future you want for it.

How we do it


Starting with getting to know your organization's goals and needs. Together we adapt our methodology to meet them. 

Idea Coaching

We engage the right people. We coach them in curating their ideas and building teams around them.


With formed teams and curated ideas we set out for intensive collaborative creation. Generating prototypes

Follow up

We follow up every team. Coach them forward and collect valuable feedback for your organisation


All valuable ideas can be verified against real users and readied for market introduction


We are


Curiosity is what drives us forward in life. The want to understand your colleagues, partners and customers.

Johan Bäckman

Collaboration is the way we make awesome change happen. It is with great passion that we bring out peoples greatness, together. 

Vilho Jonsson

You are

An engagement leader persona

Your passion is to build and evolve your organisations ecosystem. People growing and connecting is #1.

A busiess developer persona

Making new solutions and products see the light of day is what drives you.

Turning ideas into value is what you want.

A digitalisation leade persona
Digitalisation leader

Building bridges between internal silos and delivering digitized solutions. Using the organisations full power is your ambition. 

A leadership team member persona
Leadership team 

You are leading your organisation to new heights. To get everyone running in the same direction is your challenge.

A leadership team member persona
Head of

Your aim is to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. You want to have a conference to collaborate around solutions for that.



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